Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doggie FunFest @ Downsview Park

On the weekend my husband and I took our 2 year old maltipoo Tiki to the Pet FunFest at Downsview Park (Keele/Sheepard).  This was our first doggie meet-up and we didn’t know what to expect. 
The event was located in-doors which was a plus because it was –10 that day.  There were various vendor booths with all kinds of pet products and goodies for doggies. 

What was nice about the event was that there was a fenced in area where the dogs could have in-door off-leash play time.  Tiki enjoyed exploring the other doggies by sniffing their bums…lol but after 2 hours of walking around the event and waiting for the off-leash play to begin, he was “doggied out” and just wanted to lye down next to me and my husband. 

My husband wanted me to buy him a hotdog at the food stand, so after ordering and receiving my order, the man at the cashier told me “That will be $4.00” WFT??? 4 bucks for a hotdog?? And the only condiments that they had for the sucker was ketchup and mustard!

Overall, the time was well spent.  There should be more doggie events in Toronto so that as pet owners, we could get together and watch our pets explore and interact with each other. 


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